Members of the 24HR Gym and the Sun Diet Group can purchase all products from reception.

  • Omega Blends –  (£10.00)

Add 300gms of Omega Mix to water 600ml of cold water to the rice cooker and stir together. Select cook switch on rice cooker, when cooked cooker will switch to warm automatically then leave to steam for 10 minutes on warm (no peaking). Remove rice and serve. Appox 30 mins total.

Omega Blend Cost: £10.00 per 1kg = (13.3 Meals = 75p per meal @ 75g)

Chicken Cost: £20.00 per 2.5kg for 24 Breasts = (1 x 104g Breast  @ 83p)

Meal Cost: £1.58 per meal

For the Omega Blend 5 Mix (Breakfast Mix) Add 150ml of cold or warm milk.