Womens 1500 Kcal a day challenge

As a member at the 24HRGYM know how important diet is to your workout and results and we have always maintained that when your on your training your on your diet, members before joining think that the exercises and regular working out gives the best results, in actual fact the results come as a by product of working out because you immediately change the way you eat to justify the effort at the gym, “gym’s don’t work it’s the new diet that works”

If you off your training your off your diet so the 2 go hand in hand,

We at 24HRGYM specialise in “maximum results minimum effort”

Why eat calories you don’t actually need only to have to use the gym to work them off again?

Why spend all the effort at the lifting and straining with weights looking for firming toning or muscle gain without applying the correct amount of daily protein.

Over 30 years of success with the Sundiet* (calorie counted foods produced by the sun)

We have produced the same consistent results over and over again.

What we have done is to make it easier and easier every year that we do this 2021 is no exception, we have found in the past that members prefer not to work out their current daily intake, over 7 days and in the second week reduce this by 500 calories a day (3500 calories per week) to get a 1lb/2lb a week weight loss.

They wanted the end result faster

Members did not want to work out their own protein intake to make sure its reaching 1 gram per Lb (or 2g per Kg) or want to know their current high protein foods by their own analysis of their current meals.

They did not want to work out the calories in their alcoholic drinks and fast food and snacks, they wanted to just “do it” straight away for instant results,

Our passion for nutrition understanding and wanting to pass this on was always going to a be an effort for those wishing to learn.

We have made the Sundiet easier this year by eliminating 2 weeks of the workbook.

The feed back from the previous groups was:

“we don’t need to know the workings of a diesel engine, we just want to drive the car”

“We have no interest in the laws or aerodynamics, we just want to get on the airport and go on holiday”

We also knew that we live in a fast and lazy society, we do not want to spend time preparing the foods no matter how healthy and nutritious they are, its all well and good playing around with Jamie Oliver recipes or hello fresh 30 min meals, if your eating 3 or 4 meals a day the time and effort soon adds up and we give up after a few weeks or months, and end up back on to much alcohol and greggs.

With this in mind:

We took the government RDI (recommended daily intake) of calories for woman of 2000 a day, and us knowing there is 3500 calories in a LB of fat, and working out that 500 calories less over a 7 day week would make 1500 calories a day a perfect average point to be on…long and short term. For instant results and finally linking calorie intake to weight loss and gain.

We wanted to find Sundiet meals that were complete, that is calorie counted, protein counted microwaveable in 6 mins approx £3 per meal, no cooking, no washing up, not even a plate or bowl is needed, with a frozen shelf life of a year, that was accessible daily from the gym.

Or the 45 Min food prep option that we show you how to prepare 4 Sundiet Omega rice blend Meals at a time using a rice cooker, frying pan and flavoured chicken, all protein and calorie counted for approx £2 (meal includes cost of chicken)

With both options of 500 calorie meals already prepped with the right amount of protein.

Using the workbook which members can download from this web site in hardcopy and follow the 2000 calorie challenge on the members Sundiet Facebook Group and 24HRGYM members only Facebook Group.

So when your ready to take up the Sundiet 2000 calorie a day 3 month challenge then please join the Facebook group: Click Here

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