Chicken Fajizza Pizza

Arriba Arriba Chicken Fajizza!

This 574 low calorie pizza is LOW SUGAR and loaded with a fiesta of your favourite good-for-you Mexican street-food toppings to excite your taste buds – It’s cheesy, it’s sizzling & spicy, it’s out of this world and is one of the UK’s healthiest high protein pizzas packing a whopping 71g of protein going from oven to plate in minutes from frozen!

Our delicious high protein dough is fortified with extra fine pea protein isolate, hand rolled into an authentic 9” thin & crispy classic pizza crust and smothered with a layer of fire roasted high protein tomato puree.

Next, we top with tender diced chicken pieces marinated in our special Fajita spice mix blend for that traditional tex-mex treat, a perfect partner to a healthy handful of juicy sauteed red and green peppers bursting with vitamins and antioxidants.

Finally, for good measure, we’ve generously layered a scattering of EATLEAN high protein, low in fat, low in carbs and 100% natural cheese for the ULTIMATE HEALTHY PIZZA!

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